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Postby Henkka32 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 6:39 pm

Just Paste this into your message
Name of Swimmer: Hash Brown
Date: 5.12.2018
Location: Little Eas, Glens
Shitty excuse: Challenged myself to run it upside down on a tashty level
Actual Reason: Mentally and physically fatigued from pushing myself all day. Picked a nice line down but caught my edge on the way down. Over I went and bumped all the way down into the cauldron. Spent the next two minutes in the most extreme sidesurf of my life and fought my way out. Turns out the undercut on river left loves impeding your paddling on your left side and I was sucked in twice more. Eventually after rolling many times my paddle was ripped from my hands by the hole. One handroll and I knew I was spent. Pulled the deck and went deep. Balled up and starfished twice, each time caught in the towback and recirced. Third time I went into the undercut and genuinely thought my time was up. Luckily I followed the recirculating water into the small eddy inside the cauldron. My adrenaline was pumping and I clinged onto the rockface to get a breath. Steadied my breathing and to my surprise I was pretty okay with the situation and looked at my options out. Lucien and Graham were on the far bank readying ropes while Podge was ready to back them up. I signalled to lads I'd try climbing out and then tried climbing out but there was no foothold low enough. I asked for a rope and a crab that Graham had already prepared. Line was sent over and I caught the rope with a solid gold on the wall with my other hand. The crab I then attached to the stern of my boat that was helping pin me against the wall and gave the all clear. Grabbing the rope and taking a deep breath, Lucien and Graham hauled myself and my boat under Little Eas and I was grabbed by Podge who was in the eddy. The boys pulled me out of the river and we hugged it out. I took a moment to myself and processed what had happened while looking at the situation I was in. Grabbed the splits from my boat and put them together as the paddle had flushed down. Turns out I made left handed paddles and totally was not used to it. A few sketchy eddy catches later and I was greeted by Graham with my paddles he had found. Splits back into the boat and I had another swimming session 200m later. Light swim later and I was back in my boat. Paddled to take out and jumped off the bridge. Had a beer with me so bootie beer was completed at take out.
Emotional Issues arising from the event: I knew I was tired and should've been more aware of my surroundings. I've been paddling a long enough time now that I should've hopped out and looked at least. Not beating myself up about it because everybody swims and that being able to walk away from that situation unharmed and wiser for it is a much better way to look at these experiences. Would certainly attribute practicing in holes to my calm approach to the shit hitting the fan.
Persons requiring rescue pints: The three boys. Cheers lads.

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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby JackKenny » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:41 pm

Name of Swimmer: Jack Kenny
Date: 9/3/19
Location: Grade 2 Section on the Boluisce
Shitty excuse: I wasn't going to let a stupid tree interfere with the line I wanted.
Real Excuse: Bad river reading. Thought there was an eddy in between 2 bits of brush overhanging the river bank. Got sucked under the downstream tree and capsized. Tried to set up for a roll, felt the rocks on the riverbed and quickly started panicking when I realised I wasn't in the Lower Corrib. Tried pushing up off the bank but I just ended up pushing my upperbody out of the water and out of my boat too.
Emotional Issues arising from the event: Nothing really. It was a pretty chill swim on pretty chill water. Little bit of bruised ego in the immediate aftermath but I got over myself when I went down the rest of the river.
Specific Learning Outcomes:
Trees don't make eddies.
Chill out and take a second to look at the colour of the water next time I flip instead of rushing to do something dumb, panic always put you in more danger.
Persons requiring rescue pints: Staples and Fergal had me back in my boat within a minute or two. Cheers lads!
(booty beer still pending)