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Costs and quotes

Postby johns86 » Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:28 pm

Just to let ye know (so everyone doesn't go looking up sites) I looked up Irish Ferries for a car (with boats) and 4 people sailing out on the 2nd June, returning on the 19th (leaving France on 19th so arriving the 20th). The price includes a basic cabin for the 4 people each way.
Price: €552

Also tried many car rental companies for car hire from Bergamo. 4th-18th June. Always put down as being a 22 year old driver to find out. Feel free to check other companies.
Best price was for 360 (+ 240 young driver charge). Total of €600 per car (yikes!). This also has an excess which can be removed for about €80 more I think.

Last week I checked the ryanair flights for the same dates (please don't keep checking this).. It was €130 per person.

Hire of the large van was estimated (at one of the early meetings) to be €1200, without insurance (college insurance).

So, IF I don't travel with ye and you do have to go down the road of driving over there (catch the pun?):

If people are willing to drive their own cars over, it may work out at a similar/cheaper price anyway, unless I'm missing something. In previous years, there were drivers over 25 for the van and all cars, so it was much cheaper.
Don't forget you also need to allow a driver subsidy for car wear and tear, and pay as a group for any small damages that happen to cars (obviously insurance would cover a major damage). Drivers would have to be comfortable risking a claim, and bringing their cars that distance. I would suggest cars be serviced before travelling, and don't bring any cars that aren't very reliable. The extra fuel would cost as well.

Other options are pulling a trailer, etc. etc.
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