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Everything and anything on NUIGKC trips to the Alps
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Re: Rivers We've done

Postby Roisin M » Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:28 pm

I have a job interview tomorrow that im supposed to be prepping for and this seems like perfect procrastination

List of rivers we did ... Alps trip 2014

Italy :-D
Middle, Lower middle & Lower Sesia
Little Canada
Sorba Slides
Lower Sermenza
Egua Top Drop

France :rofl:
Slalom Coarse
Sunshine Run
Durance Gorge
Brianson Gorge
Upper Guil

Am I forgetting anything??
Roisin Millard

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Re: Rivers We've done

Postby AndrewR » Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:09 pm

I still reckon that big map of all the rivers that club members have done would be awesome!

I know Barry and Higgs are staying around but if any of you want some info on any advanced runs.


The Gyr: Quite near the put in of the Durance Gorge. Awesome narrow run very like the Caher but much more continuous. Do in the evening after a hot day, more water the better.

Lower Guisane: Typical continuous French river, some rapids more boulder gardeny. One 20 second portage half way down, its a man made weir slipway thing with metal in the bottom. Don't paddle if you care about your boat, if you dont care about your boat fire it up!

Guil (Below Upper Guil)

Chateau Q: Awesome canyon to do on medium lows, one must make move. Left boof to stay clear of a cave, pretty easy, pretty consequential to mess up.

Guardian Angel Gorge: Water feels quite powerful in this gorge, big boulders and one amazing flare move. There are 3-4 main rapids the last of which swings around a corner to the right. Get out on the left before it swings around the corner, a rapid that looks grand from boat scouting has a bad siphon in it which is very hard to avoid. Portage on left. After you are out of the gorge there are a few more nimbly bimbly rapids before you come to Millennium, portage river left or run it if you feel ballsy.

Middle Guil: Starts straight after Millenium with a rapid called triple step, it is an awesome rapid which I often sessioned between car shuttles. Pushy but the feeling at the bottom is savage. After that you have kilometres and kilometres of class 3 or cruisy 4. Endless boofs and flare moves makes this one of my favourite rivers I have done. The two kilometres gets more difficult with a big pushy boulder garden rapid and a tunnel rapid (you'll see the entrance to a train tunnel ahead) which is two straight forward boofs, your likely to swim if you miss those boofs, after that there's the best section of the river! Get out on the right where you see the massive signs saying get out (Dam downstream).


La Fresque section of the Ubaye:
It was scary on high flows big boulder gardens and powerful rapids. Great feeling at end though.

Racecourse Section
Amazing big water fun, well worth the drive just to do this section, big waves trains and safe.

Ubaye Gorge
Wait till August to run this don't do it in June like we did.


Sermanzino: (Medium)

Some rapids above and below this section but bang for your buck just put in at cave drop and take out a couple of drops below trumpet drop. All fun drops (about 5), cave drop needs safety at bottom.

Egua (Low to Medium flows)

In all honesty some of the hardest points of this river is the mank at the start just below top drop, this puts a lot of people off. It cleans up considerably after this (so no shame in walking the mank and putting in 100M downstream) with some great slides and drops. On the flows we had I feel it was only necessary to have safety on the last drop (cylinder) and double drop about halfway down which has a dirty eddy at the bottom which makes people swim. Theres also a drop where you boof into a slide, you need your momentum and boof to be on form or you'll piton horribly off a wall which is straight in front of you (Just ask Higgins). All in all though Id say yer well on for an Egua club trip. Having the people ye see as leaders do a lap or two before the club trip would help immensely.


Slides and Drops just above sorba slides, fantastic section, walk up as far as you want and enjoy.

Middle Sermenza

I wouldn't be comfortable putting on any higher then I did. Section not altogether fun, full of siphons and mank and one definite portage near the start. Runs into the Lower Sermenza though which is awesome to boatercross!

Aosta Valley

Much more remote and steep then the sesia valley. We did part of the Ayasse (too high) and all of the Chisella spent 10 hours on the water, id advise putting on the Chisella about halfway down (which is apparently the proper put on) unless you like those new dynamic kayak lines where you get out of your boat and drag it over big slippery boulders for 5 hours.

Thats all I can think of for now