Corrib Canoe - Tender 2020

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Corrib Canoe - Tender 2020

Postby Fergal.Staples1 » Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:22 am

Tenders are sought for the 2020 'Corrib Canoe', a summer course in kayaking for children.

Application date and time 5:00 pm Friday the 3rd of April 2020.

Application to be submitted by email to

Application to include:

• The details of the course to be delivered.

• The dates of the course.

• The opening times.

• The prices of each offering.

• Marketing Plan.

• Details of all staff including their Kayak qualifications, experience, safety qualifications, Child protection and Garda Vetting.

• Details of Fee to be paid ( minimum €2,500.00) payment is due upon the recommencement of the college term September 2020.

• Detail of insurance cover including accident and public liability and Indemnity of Nui Galway.

Note: that it will be the responsibility of the applicant to organise and run the entire course, including marketing, arranging insurance, and hiring instructors. As part of Corrib Canoe, the opportunity should be given to trainee instructors to gain experience/log hours.

Areas which applications will be assessed on will include:
Previous experience, both instructing and in business.
Quality of planning presented
Instructor levels and associated qualifications
The quality of the marketing plan prepared.

Applicants should be available for an interview the week following the closing date.

An independent panel will be appointed to review applications and conduct interviews.

For the interviews, full plans should be prepared.
Documents must be produced at the interview including:
A safety plan
Child protection policy
Corrib Canoe staff list, with contact information for at least two instructors.
Safety and risk assessment, general risk assessment, and emergency action plan.

Minimum conditions to be met to make an application:

Minimum of two applicants.
Basic first aid qualification.
Minimum guidelines established ie at least one ICU certified level 2 instructor and the other, a trainee level 2 instructor. Equivalent BCU qualifications will be accepted.
Applicants must either be current students or Alumni. If no suitable student or alumni application is received, the tender will be revised before being opened to the public.
Corrib canoes earnings are available to all committee members in future and this also gives the basis for rent for the next year. The wages paid to any employees employed by Corrib Canoe must also be made available to the committee.
Only to be run outside term times.