2020 Vision..... VARSITIES TRAINING!

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2020 Vision..... VARSITIES TRAINING!

Postby Ciara.wall » Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:28 pm

It is already November :-o .... Time is flying folks and we are quickly approaching the end of this first semester. With that in mind, we should be thinking about the most important thing jotted in our calendars for next semester...... VARSITIES 2020!!!! We should all have 20/20 vision when it comes to laying our eyes on the trophy this year!

Lets get hyped to train.
Long Distance: Anyone who's in anyway interested in going training for LD is welcome. Anybody can compete in this discipline; the more the merrier. *Note: If you attend Varsities, you MUST compete in Long Distance.
Details for other disciplines:
Polo: The polo squad will consist of ten players. There will be a minimum of one girl and one guy. At least one of each gender must be on pitch at all times.
White Water: The White Water team will be made up of 4 paddlers. Again, there must be a minimum of one girl and one guy. Time for this is calculated by adding all times of everyone's individual race time. The aim is to be fast!
Slalom: Similarly to White Water, the team is made up of 4 paddlers. Must be one girl & guy.
Freestyle: Team of 4 again. Must be one girl and one guy in the team.
2 × 45 second rides. Believe it is a hole.
Long Distance: everyone.

*NOTE: Competitors on the Slalom and whitewater teams cannot overlap. I.e. if you are competing in White Water, you cannot compete in slalom and vice versa.
Ciara Wall
Training Officer