buckFAST challenge!

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buckFAST challenge!

Postby Lucien.S » Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:22 pm

The buckFAST challenge is a challenge that starts now and will end sometime in May. The idea is to get people to train and do more flatwater :)

We're gonna get this started by a race this Thursday at 6:30pm. We all line up at the stacks, start Runkeeper at the same time and then finish at the stacks again. That way it feels like we're racing against each other, but the money will be kept until May. This race is just to get you started, and give you a time to beat next week, because you're gonna go every week, ... aren't you? :wasntme:

Intermediate: level2s, new members...
Expert: everyone who already trains pretty much.

#1: stacks to high seal launch bridge and back (~10min, creeker).
#2: stacks to first buoy at Menlo Castle and back (~30min, creeker or seakayak for intermediate)
#3: stacks to lake, around the buoy and back (~60min, K1).

- Everyone throws in €10, money will be split up in 6 (3 distances x 2 categories) and 1st, 2nd (and 3rd, depending on numbers) in each race will get money.
- Start tail against the stack and finish touching the stack.
- Time yourself on Runkeeper, record your time. Make sure your distance is in km and your location is turned on.
- Take a photo of your boat and add it to your stats on runkeeper before you save.
- Time includes you starting and ending your run on Runkeeper and putting your phone in a safe place.
- On the 1st of every month, send me your best time for each distance and I’ll update the results.
- Competition will end on May 1st.

Money will be put in the clubs account until May.

Get paddling :D :D