Corrib Canoe tender

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Corrib Canoe tender

Postby Eoin Moorhouse » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:30 am

This summer we are planning on leasing out the NUIG Kayak Club shed and gear for the running of 'Corrib Canoe', a summer course in kayaking for children.

Anyone who is interested in leasing out the kayak shed from us to run this course should email with your proposal or enquiries. This should include a brief overview of your plans regarding general running of the course, dates, all qualifications and information that is relevant to your application. Note that it will be the responsibility of the applicant to organise and run the entire course, including marketing, arranging insurance, and hiring instructors.

Shed rent will be €2500 this year

Closing date for applications is Thursday the 22nd of March at 9:30am

Chosen candidates will be contacted to arrange an interview shortly after this date.

EGM Motions regarding eligibility:
1. minimum of 2 applicants -

2. minimum guidelines established ie at least one icu certified lv 2 instructor and the other a trainee level 2 instructor And accept equivalent bcu qualifications

3. Preference to be given to students as long as they meet guidelines

4. Corrib canoe may only be run by the same party for a period of 2 subsequent years . If there is no other option ie. no one else applies in the 3rd year the party involved my apply for it again.

5. Corrib canoes earnings be available to all committee members in future and this also gives baises for rent for the next year.

6. Only to be run outside term times.
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