Long Distance Leaderboard

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Long Distance Leaderboard

Postby RobKierans » Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:15 pm

Hey guys been procrastinating for exams alot recently and thought It might be a cool idea to have a time trial leaderboard for up river paddling !

There will be three courses 1.3k (from the collage bar bridge to the 3th bridge on the canal and back ) ,5k ( from the slip to the buoys nearest the castle and back ) and 10k ( from the slip to the last set of buoys on the river at the lake and back) You must go past the 3th bridge on the 1.3k course and you must go around the river right bouy on the 5k and 10k course !!!

To add your time to the leaderboard just download the Oosshh app from the app store or google play ,log your session , screenshot it and send it to corribtimetrial@gmail.com along with your name and what boat you used .(you can also add NUIGKC in the club section of the app) you can also use strava .

Ill update a google doc of the leader board as often as I can :-D

You can use any boat you like but there will only be one class !