TRAK 20/20 Team

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TRAK 20/20 Team

Postby laoiseplunkett » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:33 am

Hey Guys,
This came in on my club email. I've no interest in it myself, but I figured that I'd share it anyway in case some of you OFBs might. :wasntme:

Hello NUIG Kayak Club,

Attn: NUIG Kayak Club President and/or Key Members

We are calling out to the leadership of paddling communities worldwide to assemble a group of 20 avid paddlers to join our TRAK 20/20 Team. This team will provide key input, as well as critical support and feedback for our TRAK 2.0 project and help develop a clear vision for the product line of our company, which is headquartered near the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Western Canada.

You are receiving this email as an invitation to consider this opportunity for yourself, or for a member of your club that you think may be a good fit for this initiative (as a sideline participation opportunity).

Membership in this exclusive team of selected kayakers from around the world will entail:

· Assisting TRAK Kayaks and our experienced paddlers during an intensive period of product development (a “60-day Product Expedition”, starting April 1st), part-time or spare time

· Contributing to outreach campaigns with key connections, and to provide input on our TRAK Pilot program (global brand ambassadors)

· Members of this team will have experience and passion in kayak touring / sea kayaking and would consider themselves strong in practical product ideas, especially in outfitting, tripping and kit used on the water, and in getting to kayak destinations

· Applicants may have experience guiding or instructing

· Participation will provide team members the opportunity to earn amazing rewards, such as; TRAK’s Ultimate Touring Kayak or up to US$2,500 in expense-paid trips to some of the best paddling locations in the world on TRAK tours (Palawan, Baja Peninsula, Vancouver Island, Europe)

· Their own copy of the data from our extensive Outdoor Recreation - Paddlesport 2015 survey (contains very useful data for anyone involved of the kayaking or broader paddling and adventure travel markets)

If this project sounds inspiring and interesting to you, you can read more details below and contact me anytime with any questions you may have. If you are certain this is an opportunity for you, please submit an application at the link provided here before March 20, 2017.


Nolin & the TRAK Team

Nolin Veillard CPA CA
Managing Director
Direct: +1.403.723.0077 x3
North America Toll Free: 888.355-2925 x3