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Postby careyisastar » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:59 pm

Name of Swimmer: Carey Georgius
Date: 5/10/18 and 6/10/18
Location: Coe River and Etive River, Scotland
Shitty excuse: Tbh I'm just really good at swimming and you should always stick to what you're good at :-P
Real excuse: There are a lot of swims, so I'm gonna break it down for y'all.
Day 1, Swim 1: An indecisive move on a minor rapid on the upper section of the Coe lead to a failed T-rescue and the first swim of the trip.

Day 1, Swim 2: Somewhere on the Coe?? Think just as we were entering the gorge, I got capsized and ended up pulling my deck instead of attempting a roll. Clearly it wasn't too traumatic though.

Day 1 , Swim 2.5: Got pinned on a rock kind of sideways in the middle of the river. Was chillin, waiting for some one to give me a hand, when Ciara came by and grab onto my boat to try and help. I ended up watched my deck slide off the cockpit rim, as she went by, and knew it was going to be my third time in the water that day, but sure go big or go home.

Day 2, Swim 0.5: Letterbox, Etive. This again is only really half a swim, because no hands touched the deck to come out of the boat. Basically I just didn't have a great boof, got sucked in sideways and my deck slid off. Was pretty funny having Ferg and Con freak out in the eddy for me to swim to them. I was getting there in my own sweet time.

Day 2, Swim 1.5: Right Angle Falls, Etive. Tbh for my first proper waterfall it wasn't bad, but I should have rolled instead of pulling my deck.

Specific Learning Outcomes: Play Boater decks are shit and I need to buy a drysuit.
Emotional Issues arising from the event: No trauma really. They were all pretty chill swims.
Persons requiring rescue pints: Pretty much every leader on the trip got me out of some jam or another, so pints on me next Wednesday!
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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby Henkka32 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:34 pm

Fergal.Staples1 wrote:Name of Swimmer: Fergal Stapleton
Date: 7/10/2018
Location: Crack of Doom on a sporty Etive
Shitty Excuse: One of the Stapleton's needed to swim for it to be a real club trip
Real Excuse: Ran the first stopper/hole a little too the left, lost speed, didn't have the line I wanted off the second drop. Landed, got pulled back into the hole, paddles torn out of my hand despite my best efforts to hold onto them. Popped my deck for a chill float.
Emotional issues arising from the event: Nothing really, was a chill swim.
Learning Outcomes: Need to learn that handroll.
Persons requiring rescue pints: Some locals

Decided to walk out of the river at this point, not due to being shook or anything but the river was rising and getting to be past my comfort level. I think I would have been okay but I'm happy with my decision. Sometimes you just gotta walk.

So proud of you to call it man. You styled all the way through the trip!